Male actor for a music video

Posted: 31/05/2018 , by Sean

Deadline: 15/07/2018

Role Information

Gender: Male

Fees: €200

Location: Not yet decided but I will let the actor know as soon as I have decided on location but it wont be far from Dublin

Details of Role

I am looking for a male actor between 25 - 35 for a music video. This music video will be for a techno band - Whirling Hall of Knives. I need a male actor, preferably with short hair( tight, shaved hair cut if possible) but its not vital. You will have six minutes possibly more of screen time with no dialogue as the music will be playing as the primary sound through out the video. The role is essentially a drug - taker which will be suggestive and it will involve some fake blood also. I will provide payment of €200 for the person interested in this role. It may take about four to six weekends of shooting depending on how everything goes as weekends are my only time to focus on the shoots. The shoot starts on the 15th of June. The video will be quite abstract and I will explain further to the actor. Anyone interested please contact me asap. Thank you

How to apply

Company: Sean Mulligan


Enquiries should be referred to: Sean

Phone: 0894975294 / 0894975294