37+ Male Wanted To Play Military Colonel in Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller.

Posted: 30/05/2018 , by Shea Gallagher

Deadline: 30/06/2018

Role Information

Gender: Male

Fees: £30

Location: Derry, Northern Ireland

Details of Role

Male in his 40s late 30s wanted to play antagonist of short two part web series, the shoot will take one day (Filming dates will be arranged around actors schedule) with a payment of £30 and will be located in Derry northern Ireland. Shooting has begun and will be a high enough quality project featuring authentic military vehicles and equipment, large sets etc.

Film (working) title; X-34

Ireland, 2027 an attempt to create a cure for dementia through the use of a manmade virus known as ‘X-34’ killed off a vast percentage of the population, further spreading across the globe, with the collapse of the government several ‘communities’ have been established throughout the region. One of which being a former rogue special forces battalion of the Irish Military named ‘Alpha-Omega’, led by the ruthless Colonel O’Brien. The group of ex-soldiers are determined to save humanity by cleansing anyone infected with the virus such as the group known simply as ‘The Marauders’, a group of civilians that been mutated and infected with the X-34. The group have fled deep into the forests in the rural parts of the country to evade capture or extermination by the soldiers. A survivor of the apocalypse named Ray Sutherland, searches for his wife Donna, who were separated a year prior when the Alpha Omega soldiers attacked their settlement confusing them for the marauders killing the vast majority of the group. As the soldiers continue to track Ray as they are convinced he is the leader of the Marauders and has been ordering raids on their outposts, he travels to the south of Ireland in hopes of rejoining his wife were they agreed to meet at a specific date if they were ever separated, a ‘safe haven’ from the virus and its aftermath.

How to apply

Company: Shea Gallagher Films

Enquiries should be referred to: Shea Gallagher

Phone: 00447525758337

Email: sheagallagher22@hotmail.com