Duskmanns - BCFE Short Film

Posted: 13/03/2018 , by Koleman Angle

Deadline: 15/03/2018

Role Information

Roles: Actor

Ages: Adults

Gender: Female

Fees: Although our College's regulations prevents us from paying our actors, transport costs and food will be provided, and those involved will be in a high quality production whose roles allow for excellent display of their acting talents. A digital copy of the completed film will also be provided for inclusion in a show reel

Details of Role

"Duskmanns" is a 10-minute period drama set in the 1970's that follows the exploits of a man who attempts to expose his corrupt employers, but finds himself abruptly interviewed by two shadowy agents.

We are currently scouting for potential acting talent for the role of Nell, a 60+ Damage Control Agent with a cunning and manipulative mind. Physical description as short.

Ideal candidates should have a strong presence and a fierce on-screen persona.

How to apply

Enquiries should be referred to: Koleman Angle

Email: lewa900@gmail.com