Actor needed 10th&11th March

Posted: 04/03/2018 , by Kirsty Conway

Deadline: 08/03/2018

Role Information

Gender: Male

Fees: Unpaid student film

Location: Dublin 1

Details of Role

Male actor between 18-23

David and Chris arrive back to their student flat, in funeral clad. They’ve been to a funeral for one of their friends, and this sadness hangs heavy in the air.
Chris wants David to talk about how he is feeling, and for David to open up. David on the other hand tries to distract himself by making tea and playing video games. Chris pushes him to focus on it and they both discuss the topic and open up about their sadness and guilt. They both cry and seem to wrap things up. Until Chris disappears.
It turns out Chris was the dead friend all along.

How to apply

Company: Dhula

Web-site: NA

Enquiries should be referred to: Kirsty Conway

Phone: 0852036015 / 0852036015