Three Roles for Comedy Short Film - One Female 40s/50s, Two Male Mid 20s

Posted: 15/01/2018 , by Jeff Donnelly

Deadline: 27/01/2018

Role Information

Fees: Student Film, no pay for any cast/crew

Location: Filming in Dublin (Rathfarnham) on 2/3/4 March 2018, Auditions at Griffith College Dublin, CAV Building on 27/28 Jan 2018 Contact Email

Details of Role

Sharko – Male, mid-twenties
Sharko is a bit of a slacker. Although he lacks any real direction in his life, he will happily put all his energy into stupid ideas. Likes to take risks.

Will – Male, Mid-twenties
Although no saint, Will has some sense on his shoulders. Does not like to take risks, but is easily swayed into doing things he doesn’t want to. Not a genius, but above average intelligence.

Big Kate – Female, 40s-50s
Sharko’s fierce, no nonsense aunt, Big Kate has a tough reputation. The owner of a ‘shady’ pub, Big Kate is known around town as someone not to mess with, or else. Her main focus in life is to make as much money as possible.

How to apply

Enquiries should be referred to: Jeff Donnelly